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Buildings Insurance

Do I pay for buildings insurance and, if so, when is it payable?
We arrange a buildings insurance policy across all of our properties, with the individual property premiums being charged back to the tenant once a year. Tenants are responsible for arranging their own contents insurance as appropriate.

Business Rates

Who is responsible for paying rates?
Tenants are responsible for paying business rates direct to the South Kesteven District Council.


Do you hold a deposit?
Yes, we hold a deposit equal to 3 months rent on our warehouses/units.

Rent Arrears

What happens if I have trouble paying my rent?
If you are having difficulties, please contact the Estate Manager who will be able to discuss payment options with you.

Rent and Licence Fee Payments

When is rent paid?
For properties let on FRI leases, rent is paid every 3 months, in advance, on the traditional calendar quarter days (i.e. 25th March, 24th June, 29th September and 25th December). For properties let on 12 month licences, licence fees are paid monthly in advance.

What money is due on moving into a property?
You will need to pay for your rent and service charge up to the end of the current quarter, the balance of any buildings insurance due for the year plus your rent deposit.

How can i make payments?
All payments are invoiced well in advance and are then taken by direct debit on the first day of the month or on the quarter day, as appropriate.

Service Charge

Is there a service charge and, if so, what does it cover?
Yes, there is a service charge which is either invoiced quarterly with rent or included in your licence fee. The service charge comprises costs for waste disposal, emptying of tenant septic tanks, maintaining security systems, monitoring security systems and maintaining the common areas of the estate. These costs are apportioned back to tenants based on the amount of space rented.