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Can I make alterations and improvements to the industrial unit?
You can alter the industrial unit, within reason, to suit your needs. However, all alterations and improvements must have our prior written consent.


Has any asbestos been used in the construction of the industrial units?
No, our industrial units are of modern construction and are not built using asbestos materials.

Build Specification

What type of construction are the industrial units?
All of our industrial units are of modern steel framed construction, with insulated cladding to the roof and walls, rooflights, power-floated concrete floors, double glazed, aluminium windows and personnel doors, and insulated sectional access doors.


What happens if I damage the industrial unit?
Tenants are responsible for repairing any damage caused. We can recommend reputable tradesmen if required.

Extra Storage Space

What happens if I need extra warehouse, storage or workshop space?
We can usually accommodate both short and long term requirements for extra space. Please contact the Estate Manager to discuss your requirements.


Are the properties heated?
We do not install heating to warehouse and workshop areas as our tenants prefer to install their own systems to suit their own individual requirements. We typically install heating to office and amenity areas, with newer units also benefiting from air conditioning.


Who is responsible for insuring the building and its contents?
We arrange a buildings insurance policy across all of our industrial units, with the individual property premiums being charged back to the tenant. Tenants are responsible for arranging their own contents insurance as appropriate.


Who is responsible for repairs to the industrial unit?
Tenants are responsible for maintenance and running repairs to their industrial unit and land shaded red on their tenancy agreement including the exterior and interior of the building, fixtures and fittings, and fixed services inside the building.

Office Cleaning

Do you provide an office cleaning service?
We can recommend a reputable local agency if you require a regular service.


What happens if my proposed use for the building isn't covered by the current planning use?
Please speak to the Estate Manager to discuss the options.


Do I need to arrange my own electricity and water supply contracts?
No, we have established electricity and water supply contracts for the estate. These supplies are then sub-metered into each industrial unit, so that tenants only pay for the amount used.


Can we put our company sign up on the industrial unit?
Orientation signage is provided at the entrance to our estate and via numbered buildings signs, featuring the tenant's name, to each industrial unit. In addition, you may erect your own company sign in line with our signage guidelines. Please contact the Estate Manager for further information.

Type Of Property

What type of properties do you let?
Our properties include office suites, small workshops, storage warehouses and industrial units with integrated offices, kitchens and toilet facilities.

Waste Disposal

Who is responsible for waste disposal?
We arrange for disposal of your general business waste through our network of recycling skips around the site. These are emptied regularly, by the site caretaker, into our main skips, which are collected on weekly schedules. Note: the costs for this service are apportioned in each tenant's service charge. If you have specialist or hazardous waste or generate a large volume of a specific waste, this should be disposed of in the correct manner direct with an appropriate waste disposal company.