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30 September 2011

King Street industrial estate premises guide

Investigating the options and deciding on the right premises for your business is a huge decision and one that will have significant bearing on you company's effectiveness. You need to select a workspace that allows you to maximise efficiency whilst avoiding excessive costs.

The first task before looking at commercial workspaces is to draw up a list of your requirements for a commercial property. The structure and appearance need to be considered, will you require high ceilings or a warehouse unit? Next the facilities, comfort and parking must be considered, does it have sufficient parking, kitchen facilities and bathrooms? Employees comfort is important but so is the comfort of any visitors, these stakeholders will have a perception of your business based on your premises. You will also have legal obligations to meet to satisfy various health and safety and employment laws. Access is also important - for example if you require large deliveries then you will need a more industrial space with lots of space.

Once you have thought about your requirements of the property, it is time to think location. Do you want to be situated in a specific city or in a more removed location that will give better transport links to more places geographically? Locating in a prime area will come with increased costs albeit perhaps more convenient for employees and customers. Deciding on your location, you need to take into account your long term vision and select somewhere that will not alienate you from a market and allow you to expand.

The next step is to consider your budget and whether it is more viable for you to rent or buy. It has always been common for businesses to begin by renting a commercial workspace as it comes with fewer fees than buying and also allows you to be more flexible to change should circumstances change.

If you're looking for warehouse units or industrial units with offices that boast excellent access, an attractive rural location, good parking, highly secure and with flexible term contracts then contact King Street Industrial Estate on 01778 560693 and select option 1 or alternatively send us an email.