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12 January 2012

King Street industrial estate email marketing tips

With the digital age upon us one of the best ways to expand your business and seek new leads is through digital marketing channels. King Street Industrial Estate are taking this chance to give you some advice on one of the most successful types; email marketing.

Before considering purchasing or licensing expensive email software you should draft up a plan. Consider who you audience is and define them then you can target communications specifically to them. Next consider your goals and decide the purpose of the campaigns for example to create new sales leads. The next thing to be consider is the frequency of emails which should be drawn up on a timeline to know who you're targeting, with what content and when.

HTML emails can't be sent from standard email programs such as Outlook so if you have a list of contacts ready to mail to then you can either invest in software or look for a free option like Mailchimp. Free providers are restrictive and if you're mailing regularly then a software fee will be worth the expense. Most software does not require knowledge of coding and comes with easy creators and templates.

Software purchased and with mailing list in hand then there are a few things to consider for successful email campaigns.

Give your readers every reason to open your email to avoid being reported as a spammer, if your mail is reported it will no longer reach their inboxes.

You need to follow the rules of the CAN-SPAM Act 2003 which in summary tells you to not be deceptive and make it easy for people to unsubscribe from your list. You can find information on the act here but to seek the full act please consult your legal representative.

Only emails opt-in lists, for better responses and lower spam reports theses should be lists you have obtained by data capture methods yourself. Buying in lists is possible but you are more likely to receive spam reports.

Use double opt-in methods for example once a prospect has visited your site and registered, they can click a link in a confirmation email and will become double opted-in.

Provide sample emails with your opt in form so they can see what they will be getting.

Ask subscribers to whitelist your address, this will ensure the successfully deliver of emails as you will be a known safe sender.
Emails need to be consistent to avoid people forgetting about you and then marking it as spam.

Be careful with subject lines and test what works for your industry. As a rule of thumb do not sell with your subject line, simply describe.

Avoid spam techniques with your content such as large fonts, exclamation marks and certain words such as "click here". Your software will have a spam checker that grades emails and flags up issues.

You need to test every element of your email such as images, links, send time and how it displays in different mail providers.

Keep on top of your email statistics and expect around 20-30% of subscribers to open them. Check your web analytics to see how your traffic and conversions improve after campaigns.

If you would like to know more about email visit Hubspot who run workshops to let you get the most out of digital marketing channels.

For your Peterborough, Stamford or Bourne based business to benefit from out digital expertise then consider an industrial space, small warehouse or workshop at the King Street Industrial Estate.

To find out more about Industrial units at King Street Industrial Estate then call our Estate Manager on 01778 560693 and select option 1 or alternatively send us an email.