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20 September 2011

Growth is king in the east of England

According to recent research, recruitment and expansion of premises including industrial units, workshops and warehouses are top priorities for east of England businesses.

The research was commission by Clydesdale Bank and was into investment choices under flexible lending conditions. More than 40% of respondents said that increasing the size of their workforce would be top priority in these conditions as well as expansion of premises in which the business operates.

Almost half would are looking to plough turnover back into their business to help commercial growth next year with an investment of 6% whilst 20% of respondents were looking to re-invest more than 10% back into their company.

Whilst growth is a fundamental corporate objective, the current less than flexible approaches by banks to lending will make growth opportunities more difficult to achieve in the next 12 months. However banks like Clydesdale are launching initiatives to help make growth a realistic objective over the next 12 months. "Investing for Growth" will help successful businesses develop through the easing of cashflow pressures and comes off the back of Bank's promise to advance up to £10billion of new lending in the next two years.

If you have a small or medium sized enterprise then an industrial unit, small warehouse or workshop at King Street Industrial Estate could be just what you need to prosper in the east of England.

To find out more about Industrial units at King Street Industrial Estate then call our Estate Manager on 01778 560693 and select option 1 or alternatively send us an email.