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5 weird and wonderful office spaces

Your office space can make a big difference to your employees and many leading companies like Google and Apple have invested a lot in the design of their offices to encourage creativity and productivity. However, some companies choose to take this idea a step further. Here we take a look at some of the world’s most weird and wonderful work spaces.


Swedish internet provider Banhof’s offices are located in an underground WWII bunker. Often compared to a James Bond villain’s lair, Pionen was renovated by Jon Karlung in 2006. The remodelled bunker now features extensive caves, plant life, waterfalls and a floating, glass circular meeting room.

Selgas Cano Architecture

Selgas Cano Architecture’s offices are simple but stunning. Set in beautiful woodland surroundings, the office is essentially a long glass tunnel so designers can see out and be inspired.


Famous for their smoothies and their cute, quirky branding, Innocent Drinks, definitely deserve a spot on this list. Their office, “Fruit Towers”, located in North West London features faux grass throughout as well as picnic tables, a library and a twister lift – yes you heard right – staff can play twister in between floors.


Pixar’s main offices are centred around the Steve Jobs Building, posthumously named for its designer. The building is 218,000 square feet and features two levels encircling an enormous central atrium which encourages employees to work, eat and play in a central location. Employees are also given free rein to decorate their work spaces as they see fit and they’ve certainly taken that to heart. One employee turned their cubicle into a tiki cabin while others have created tiny duplex houses.


Invention factory, Inventionland, help corporations, retailers and inventors bring their products to life and their offices definitely reflect this intention. Inventionland’s office feature 16 enormous themed sets including a pirate ship, a cave, a treehouse, a giant shoe, a cupcake, a robot, a racetrack and a castle (complete with drawbridge).